Zimbabwe ranks 3rd position terrorists places worldwide

indafrica July 30, 2020
Updated 2020/07/30 at 5:11 AM

Pure propaganda or truths?

Zimbabwe has been ranked on 3rd position in Terrorism and politically unstable nations worldwide.

It is the Capital City Harare that has been listed as the 3rd most unliveable places.

This survey was done by CNN who later published the news on their broadcast.

The list featured nations with terrorism and political instability. It is to this light that Harare has been a political hotspot for decades and probably fits in well to the description.

Harare is Zimbabwe’s Capital where human rights are not respected and police and military brutality are rife.

Demonstrations are usually crushed with police or military personnels through shooting and haphazard beating of people.

Zimbabweans are currently planning a nation wide anti Government protest to be held in the capital City tomorrow (31 July) police brutality is however expected

See the top ten list of unliveable places in the World.

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