Good news for Zimbabweans in South Africa

indafrica August 1, 2020
Updated 2020/08/01 at 6:34 PM

Zimbabweans and other foreigners, who are stuck in South Africa and are being extra cautious about travelling, can now breath a huge sigh of relief as the SA government has given then another reprieve.

Initially 1 August 2020, was the final day for foreign visitors in South Africa to leave the country, or face the risk of being declared an undesirable then facing a ban.

Yesterday afternoon, South African Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi gazetted new regulations which saw an extension of the validity of already extended visas and permits.

This covers the visitors who entered the county after the 15th of March.
They now have permission to stay in the county until the 31st of October.

This means that they will not be penalized by the law during such a period.

For refugees, asylum seekers, and holders of special Lesotho permits, the extension if automatic, with no application required.

The terms and conditions which were attached to the visas still remain in effects, meaning those who were not allowed to seek employment still may not do so.

Reprieve for foreigners who got stuck in SA as borders closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, were first introduced in late March.

The South African government granted visa extensions to asylum-seeker permits, refugee status, and users of a special permit for Lesotho citizens who were in SA before September 2015.

The extensions had been granted up to the 31st of July with the government hoping that the borders would be open at that point.

The reopening of South African borders seems like a distant factor at the moment with the Covid-19 infection rate still spiking in the country, resulting in several deaths.

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