Watch: Catholic Priests and Nuns take Jerusalema Dance Challenge to another level

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Master KG’s hit song Jerusalema has made waves all around the world and sparked a global dance craze.

What probably started as a regional dance craze in the producer’s home country – South Africa, has today been celebrated across the Globe – from Italy to Spain, France, Jamaica and Canada.

So viral and influential is the song that it has even brought monks and nuns out of their monasteries.

Catholics have joined in the Jerusalema dance challenge with so many videos or priests, nuns and alter serves seen moving to the groove of the ‘holy’ song.

A few of these Catholics Jerusalema Dance Challenge videos have captured our attention;

A Canadian Priest named Emanuel Zetino from the Cathédrale Marie Reine du Monde shared one of the Jerusalem dance challenge with the parish altar servers on Facebook.

This time in Legnano, Italy, a group of priests and sisters dressed in traditional Franciscan Capuchin attire joined the Jersulema dance challenge.

The original version of the song features female vocalist Nomcebo Zikode. The music video has over 50 million views of YouTube.

It gained huge international traction when the remix of the original song was released in May which features Nigerian megastar Burna Boy.

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