5 things happening in Zimbabwe today

indafrica August 3, 2020
Updated 2020/08/03 at 7:01 AM

Zimbabwe has been a troubled nations ever since Zanu PF took over the reigns from white leaders.

So many things have happened in previous years this year appears to be one of the worst years for the nation.

With covid-19 hitting the global economies so hard Zimbabwe which already has a dying economy just got worse.

Below are some of the things happening in Zimbabwe now and why you need to pray for the country.

1) Inflation has skyrocketed and prices are now beyond people’s reach. Most Zimbabweans are surviving at less than a UD$1 a day.

2) Armed security forces have been unleashed on journalists who are exposing corruption in the Government. Activists that protested about it also arrested on Friday.

3) Regardless of the already dying economy the country is on a total hard lockdown, which has been questioned by many.

4) Opposition leader Job Sikhala is currently living in a bush because he is scared his life is im danger.

5) Covid-19 cases and deaths are increasing on a daily basis.

BONUS: In the midst of this health Pandemic the country is running without a health Minister. The previous one was fired after his Corrupt acts were exposed in the media but he has not been arrested.

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