Timeline: Get to understand the Zimbabwean Crisis

indafrica August 5, 2020
Updated 2020/08/05 at 6:15 AM

The mess in which Zimbabwe is in right now begun way back in when Mugabe assumed power in 1987. However this being the case Mnangagwa who assumed office in 2017 through what many political analysts have termed “the widely supported coup”.

Mnangagwa vowed to make things right, fix the economy, and respect people’s rights. He repeatedly offered Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs !!!


17 November 2017 (The Coup that was not a coup)

President Mnangagwa through the help of the military removed long time ruler Robert Mugabe who had been ruling the nation with an iron fist.

31 July 2018 ( Zimbabwe ‘Harmonized’ elections’ )

In 2018 Zimbabwe held a historic election first elections without Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai (may their souls rest in peace). Mnangagwa was facing young energetic Nelson Chamisa.

These elections have remained controversial as MDC believes they were rigged.

01 August 2018 (Election Results Demonstration)

Opposition members under the influence of Nelson Chamisa went into the streets demonstrating for the release of the Election results.

The army was unleashed on unarmed civilians. 6 people were shot dead by live bullets, several others injured.

An inquiry was launched but no solid outcome came from it. The issue has been long forgotten.

January 14 2019 (Fuel Protests)

The President Emmerson Mnangagwa went on national television to announce fuel price hikes.

Protest erupted across the country. Shops and Businesses were looted and destroyed.

The millitary was once again unleashed on citizens about 17 people reportedly killed and several others injured. Some were arrested.

The government blamed it all on opposition and also claimed some individuals had stolen military uniform to cause chaos and beat up citizens in disguise of being the military and the Police.

The matter has been shoved under the carpet. All forgotten.

Since then, prices have been skyrocketing and the government is ignoring the plight of its people.

Black market has become more like the central bank of the country determining currency exchange rates, which leads to price increase.

Fuel shortages have become the new normal in the country.

June 2020

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono went on a spree to expose Corruption happening in government. His investigative skills and exposèe led to the firing of Health Minister Obadiah Moyo who is being accused for stealing $60 million of Covid-19 funds.

The matter has also been swept under the carpet. Chin’ono is currently facing arrest on charges of inciting public violence.

31 July 2020 ( Anti Corruption Demonstration)

Early July opposition leader Jacob Ngarivhume announced a nation wide protest against Corruption happening in government offices.

The protest was countered by a hard Lockdown imposed by government.

Jacob Ngarivhume arrested for inciting public violence.

Pre 31 July several anti government activists were abducted, tortured and arrested. Nephew to Journalist Mduduzi Mathuthu editor of ZimLive was Abducted and tortured releases after three days.

On the day of the Protests Citizens were barred from entering the CBD or traveling. The country was filled with security forces.

Some activists went to the streets Protesting these were arrested for staging ‘unlawaful’ demonstrations.

04 August 2020

Mnangagwa went on national television and threatened to flush out all rogue elements in the country.

He repeatedly referred to opposition parties as terrorists .

More people have been arrested for such crimes . This is then what prompted the #ZimbabweLivesMatter which was begun by South African rapper AKA.

This movement is to advocate for the respecting of human rights in the country and end abductions and torture of civilians and activists.

The movement also attacks corruption at all levels, misgovernance and mostly Freedom of expression.

People need to understand that this is not a movement to over throw Government but to correct Government’s wrong doings.

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