EXPOSED: Misred s_exualy satisfying Lewis Matutu?

indafrica August 8, 2020
Updated 2020/08/08 at 8:47 PM

In a shocking development Zimbabwe radio personality has been accused for bedding former Zanu PF youth leader Lewis Mathutu.

This comes after Misred disagreed with many Zimbabweans on a Ghanaian radio interview saying they was no human rights abuse in Zimbabwe.

Many Zimbabweans were mad at her.

One Twitter user went to a point of accusing the media personality that the reason why she is defending the government is because she is sexually satisfying some members of the ruling party.

The pictures posted were not clear of it really was Misred or some other woman .

The pictures posted showed a lady allegedly to be Misred twerking on Mathuthu in a hotel room.

However many users said it was her and posted a picture that seemingly correspondent to the picture of the Mysterious woman in a hotel room.

See pictures Below:

Please note as IndAfrica we do not confirm any truths to these allegations as they isn’t enough evidence to prove the authenticity of the pictures.

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