WATCH: Live Shots fired at Centurion Mall in South Africa”

indafrica August 8, 2020
Updated 2020/08/08 at 6:14 PM

JOHANNESBURG – One of the four suspects involved in a botched robbery at Centurion Mall on Saturday was shot and wounded.

Armed robbers stormed a jewellery store in the shopping centre and held customers and staff at gunpoint.

It is understood one of the shoppers retaliated and drew his private firearm, shooting one of the attackers while his three accomplices fled the scene.

Police spokesperson Captain David Miller said no one else was hurt.

“The staff members and shoppers that were inside the store were ushered into the back room. And at some stage during the robbery, one of the shoppers inside the shop was armed with his private firearm and was able to defend shoppers,” Miller said.

“During his actions, one of the suspects was injured and he was taken to the local hospital as a result of that injury. There was cash that was recovered, and we are still currently busy on the scene.”

Police were on the lookout for the three men.

Earlier, images and videos posted on social media showed some entrances of the mall closed, with shoppers waiting outside alongside paramedics.

“There was a shooting incident at Centurion Mall. Police, emergency services, and security services are on the scene. It’s an active crime scene at this stage,” Miller said.

Shots fired at Centurion Mall in South Africa:

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