Misred admits to s_exual affair with former Zanu PF youth leader ?

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After going on a Ghanaian radio station and saying they were no human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, radio and media personality was shamed and reduced to nothing by mostly her followers and other fellow Zimbabweans who did not agree to what she said.

Trolls on the curvy woman went deep to exposing some of her under carpet shenanigans.

One follower exposed Misred for having a sexual affair with former Zanu PF youth leader Lewis Matutu.

Misred is pictured twerking on the guy.

As expected Misred would have rubbished the picture to be doctored or false since it wasn’t clear if it really was her.

However she hasn’t said anything about it.

This could possibly mean one thing. That she is admitting to the allegations and that she was involved with the youth leader.

We have been told from school that silence is usually translated to consent. Her not responding is a sign that she has nothing to say and probably ashamed that her secret is out.

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