Ramaphosa’s envoy cancel meeting with MDC ALLIANCE

indafrica August 10, 2020
Updated 2020/08/10 at 10:07 PM

In a rather shocking development the special envoy that was sent by Ramaphosa to come and intervene in the Zimbabwean crisis has made an unexpected Uturn on meeting with opposition leaders from the MDC ALLIANCE.

The envoy of three which was led by Dr Sydney Mufamandi and Ms Baleka Mbete sent the MDC ALLIANCE a last minute cancellation note at end of day.

The MDC ALLIANCE leaders say they were put on standby since 10.00am in the morning were only told that they won’t meet the special envoy at end of day.

The envoy comes in to mediate and intervene of the reported human rights abuses in the country, however the government rubbished these claims to be false propelled by doctored and old images and footages.

It only the government that has met the so called special envoy therefore if they are to go back to South Africa without meeting other key players then it is certain that they won’t give a balanced report rather a one sided biased report.

Below is the statement published by the MDC ALLIANCE

The MDC Alliance was formally requested to be available for a meeting today, the 10th of August 2020, with the special envoys that were deployed by President Cyril Ramaphosa to Zimbabwe.

A delegation remained on standby from 10am this morning only to be advised at the end of the day that the special envoys would be returning to South Africa without meeting the MDC Alliance delegation, in order to brief President Ramaphosa on the outcomes of their meeting with Mr Mnangagwa.

We can only assume that the failure to meet the MDC Alliance delegation was as a result of demands made by the Zanu PF delegation. We reiterate that Zimbabwe is in a state of crisis that has been characterized by a de facto state of emergency, a crackdown on citizens, abductions,
arbitrary arrests of government critics and the political persecution of journalists.

The Government in Harare is incapable of resolving these challenges because it lacks legitimacy. We are of the firm view that any solution to the ongoing socio-economic challenges lies in resolving the political crisis and answering the outstanding legitimacy question. It is clear that Mr Mnangagwa is not ready to resolve the national crisis through genuine dialogue.

However, the deteriorating plight of the Zimbabwean people means that a political settlement is more urgent than before.

We will continue to mount pressure on Mr Mnangagwa to engage in sincere dialogue until the national crisis is resolved.

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