Soldiers beat man to death for missing curfew

indafrica August 10, 2020
Updated 2020/08/10 at 1:01 PM

In a horrible development, a Harare man is likely to lose his front teeth after he was brutally assaulted by a group of soldiers for allegedly violating the 12-hour curfew
iHarare has learned from Kukurigo that the alarming incident happened in Mabvuku, on the 5th of August.

On the fateful day, 48-year-old David Mutendera Anthony had the misfortune of failing to find transport to take him back home in time due to the transport woes, partly caused by the banning of commuter omnibuses and the shortage of ZUPCO buses.

Mutendera eventually found his way home after a ZUPCO bus came much later that it was scheduled for.

Unfortunately, for the father, he only got to his neighbourhood after 7 pm, an hour after the 12-hour curfew imposed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa had started.

The President introduced the curfew ostensibly as one of the measures to fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus. Cases of Covid-19 have been spiking in the last 2 months.

As Mutendera was rushing to get home, he ran into a group of soldiers who accused him of violating lockdown regulations and the curfew introduced by the government.

Despite the Mabvuku man’ spirited efforts to explain his predicament, the soldiers disregarded his explanation and proceeded to assault him brutally. During the savage beating, Mutendera’s front teeth got damaged he stands to lose them.

Narrating his horrendous ordeal to the online publisher, Kururigo, Mutendera said,

“I arrived a little after 7 PM and as I was walking home, I came across soldiers who accused me of violating the 6 PM curfew. Despite my explanation that the ZUPCO was late, they still beat me. My three front teeth are shaking,”

He is receiving medical attention for the injuries suffered during the brutal assault. The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) is assisting Mutendera with legal assistance.

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