Cindy Makhathini shows off booty in tight jean pics

indafrica August 13, 2020
Updated 2020/08/13 at 6:19 AM

Insta hottie Cindy Makhathini is back again and this time showing no mercy on jeans, making them breathe through the wound with her fine looking body structure.

Well, if you thought she only fits well in light clothes like skirts and dresses, you will absolutely change your mind after having a view of her wearing jeans.

Surely this is not a kids’ game, don’t ever play or underestimate someone who makes jeans look like sweat pants and that is Cindy.

Out of thousands of comments from her social media, one user reacted as, ‘ ? damn this pair of jeans maan. It’s full, tight, shaping up and fits you very well. Ooh Jesu wam ? madoda lomfaz mara madoda ? ‘.

With that being said, people like her, make social media more fun, and imagine if it wasn’t for their presence, would it feel the same?

We wonder who is the lucky man in her life!

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