Screenshots of Prophet Mboro complimenting [email protected] woman goes viral

indafrica August 14, 2020
Updated 2020/08/14 at 1:06 PM

The pictures that show Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng apparently complimenting a tattooed woman in sexxy underwear quickly went viral.

But Mboro, who said it wasn’t him in the pictures, is unfazed.


The leader of the Incredible Happenings Ministry told Daily Sun it’s a fake account.

The screenshots show a woman dressed in black underwear posing in different pictures and showing off her tattoos and her body.

A fake Instagram account under the name pastormboro_official, with a Mboro profile picture, makes vulgar comments about the images.
One of the comments reads: “You have nice assets.”

Another comment states he had a good session with her.

Mboro told the People’s Paper he didn’t know about anything until he was bombarded by calls from people he knows asking him if he’d been hacked.

“At first I thought it was joke, but then I received screenshots from people who were worried,” he said.

He was shocked and disappointed!
Mboro, who’s running a number of campaigns including praying for the end of the coronavirus and economic empowerment, jealous people he doesn’t know are behind these.

“I’ve been involved in many great activities, and it’s clear that it doesn’t sit well with some people,” he said.
“I was the first church leader in Mzansi to have a park- and-pray church service.

These pictures are posted purely to damage my image and they’ll never succeed.”

He said he didn’t know the woman in the pictures.

“I’ve never seen her before, nor did I have a private moment with her,” he said.

“I respect women’s bodies. I’d never do such a thing because I believe women aren’t s.e.x objects. For all we know, she might also be a victim. Clearly, she’s being used by someone who’s jealous of me.”

The alleged fake account was later removed. Mboro said as much as he was shocked and disappointed by the screenshots, he isn’t really worried.

“I know it’s not me and I’m not bothered. However, I intend opening a criminal case to set the record straight and teach a lesson to those who gain fulfilment from damaging people’s images,” he said.

“I believe in women empowerment. What people saw in those screenshots – that’s not me. That’s not how I live my life.”

Midvaal Mayor Bongani Baloyi was the first person to call Mboro when he came across the circulating images.
Baloyi said Mboro has a big heart and has contributed immensely towards improving the lives of the ordinary.

He said: “I have a long-standing relationship with Mboro. He’s more than a pastor. He’s a philanthropist. He doesn’t mind digging deep in his pocket to help.”

“It’s easy for people to use a picture of well-known people and tarnish their names. I knew it can’t be him,” said Baloyi.

-Daily Sun

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