Taxi driver [email protected] in front of female client

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A Nigerian lady took to Twitter to share her horrible encounter with driver of a ride hailing app , who picked her up in Abuja .

The woman shared a screenshot of the driver’s profile on the ride hailing app and called him a bastard.

When people asked what the man did to her and why she’s insulting him, she shared a video showing the s_xual assault she was subjected to during a ride in his car in Abuja.

“Don’t do that,” the woman is heard warning the driver during the ride.The camera then zeros in on the man’s cr0tch to show him holding his male m£mber in his hand.

The women is heard saying that he has been touching her since and is now touching himself in her presence.
Some Twitter users have criticized the woman for remaining in the car while the assault was going on.

Others pointed out that it was a risky situation and if she had lashed out, he might either knock her out, kidnap her, or cause an accident that’ll k¡ll her.

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