Zodwa Reveals she slept with Black Motion DJ and Politians

Zodwa Wabantu has once again sent tongues wagging after revealing that she slept with one of the Black Motion DJs.

Zodwa said she slept with Thabo Mabogwane from Black Motion.

The dancer spilled the tea during an interview with MacG on his popular podcast #PodcastAndChill .

Questions ranged from why she prefers dating younger men and not men of her age to which famous person she has slept with.

Zodwa also revealed that she is actually texting on the down-low with Ntobeko Shishi from Gomora. She even showed MacG the chats with Ntobeko.

She, however, said that she is not looking for anything serious saying that she just wants to have fun.

Zodwa revealed that she prefers younger men because they’re not problematic and don’t bully her around.

“I don’t want an old man that’s going to ask me to wash their clothes for them and cook for them. They are then going to want to beat me up and cheat on me. Don’t forget that I once dated Mandla Mthembu so I don’t want to be controlled or managed,”
Sis Zodwa is embroiled in a bitter war with her ex-boyfriend, Vusi Ngubane who has moved on with another woman.

Zodwa accused Vusi of fraud and threatened to have him arrested for using her name to buy an Audi.

Vusi denied defrauding Zodwa and said he had been to the police, there were no fraud charges laid on his person.

“Vusi i don’t fear you. I have been quiet. I will call the police and anyone who have seen Vusi know that he is a fraudster. I have been thinking about your future. I feel i do not need to do anything. I have proof and i have a case against you. Anyone who see Vusi tell me i need him alive.

“I gave him everything, my phone i gave you R20,000 phone. I gave you my money and you even went to Dubai. You stayed in my house and i was paying everything, from rent, food, electricity and bond.

You went to Audi and used my connections as if you represent me. You knew i wanted to use an Audi for Durban July. Give me what is mine. I’m coming for you,” Zodwa ranted.

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