‘Chasi fired for blocking Mnangagwa’s USD1,2 billion theft’ : Moyo reveals

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Self-exiled former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has sensationally claimed that ex-Energy minister Fortune Chasi was fired by President Emmerson Mnangagwa for allegedly attempting to block the theft of US$ 1,2 Billion by the Zanu PF leader.

Moyo implicated Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo and Mnangagwa’s ally Kudakwashe Tagwirei as benefactors of this illicit lucrative deal.

According to Prof Moyo, Chasi sought to bar the US$ 1,2 billion Sotic International deal pursuing national interest without knowledge that Mnangagwa, Tagwirei, and SB Moyo were the benefactors.

“In May 2019 Mnangagwa and SB Moyo stole USD 1,2 billion disguised as a State loan from SOTIC INTERNATIONAL, fronted by Kuda Tagwirei. The theft was structured by SB, using NOIC assets as mortgage. Chasi found out, tried to reverse it and got fired yesterday.

“So, Fortune Chasi was fired not because of #Zesa affairs but because his conduct in investigating & seeking to cancel the USD 1,2 billion SOTIC deal at NOIC is INCOMPATIBLE with Mnangagwa’s EXPECTATIONS as a beneficiary of the SOTIC deal along with SB Moyo & Kuda Tagwirei!

“Criminally, the SOTIC USD 1,2 billion was structured by @MinisterSBMoyo, who got USD 12 million for “structuring it”; and it was sent to #NOIC after it had already been approved by @edmnangagwa, @FinanceZim & @ReserveBankZIM; with USD 1,2 billion paid to PRIVATE ACCOUNTS!

“Either bravely or naively, after his investigation, @fortunechasi sought an alternative to the SOTIC deal & negotiated it with GLENCORE. But no alternative was possible to implement; without costing SOTIC its USD 12 million a month or refunding the USD 1,2 billion advance!” Prof Moyo said.

Prof Moyo added that under the deal, the USD 1,2 billion “loan” would be paid back with interest over a 10 year period in monthly installments of USD 12 million and NOIC assets were mortgaged to secure the “loan”.

On Friday, Mnangagwa fired Chasi from the Energy Ministry and replaced him with Muzarabani North Zanu PF legislator Soda Zhemu.
Some reports claim that Chasi was fired over his recent squabbles with suspended ZESA chair Sydney Gata.
Prof Moyo added that Mnangagwa did not want Chasi to fight his so-called relative, Gata.

“In May 2019, Mnangagwa ordered then tourism minister Mupfumira to appoint to the EMA board his customary wife Moline Mayahle, sister to Gata’s wife Angeline Mayahle, with whom they have several children. So, Mnangagwa did not EXPECT Chasi to cause Gata’s removal from Zesa!” Moyo added.

On Thursday last week, Mnangagwa suspended ZESA Holdings Executive Chair Sydney Gata, the entire ZESA Holdings board and “unconstitutionally” directed Zacc to investigate corruption allegations levelled against him by Chasi.

Gata, besides being fired, had claimed that his fate was going to be decided by Mnangagwa. Gata accused Chasi of undermining efforts to curb corruption at ZESA. Nehanda Radio

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