WATCH: Somali President and Deputy get in fist fight in Parliament

indafrica August 16, 2020
Updated 2020/08/16 at 3:41 AM

Somali President And Prime Minister Get Into Fist Fight In Parliament

There was drama in the Somali Parliament when Somali president, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed got involved in an altercation with Prime Minister , Mahdi Mohamed Guled, during a press conference.

In a video which has surfaced online, the president and his prime Minister exchanged blows on live television after a disagreement.

It took a whole group of men to separate the two who looked like they would have had a wrestling match that would’ve gone for hours.

It is not yet understood what led to the altercation because the two were holding hands and the next thing, fists were flying.

The country has always been fraught with political tensions and has been without an effective central government since 1991
Militants control large parts of southern and central Somalia.
Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed was once the Prime Minister of Somalia before be resigned back in 2011 and returned as president in 2017.

Mahdi Mohamed Guled was appointed as the country’s acting prime minister following the impeachment of Hassan Ali Khaire by Parliament.

The previous prime minister Khaire lost a vote of no-confidence in Parliament following a possible disagreement with the president over the forthcoming elections.

Somalia is due to have elections which would see them having the closet thing to a democratic government after nearly 3 decades.

Somalian politics have always been tense mostly due to clan politics
The current power-sharing structure, implemented in 2000 at the Arta Peace Conference in Djibouti toward the end of the civil war, is a clan based power sharing structure.

In the 4.5 system, the four main clans are given equal stakes in the government, while the minority clans together share the 0.5 stake.

Watch video below

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