19 yr old girl killed for dumping boyfriend

indafrica August 18, 2020
Updated 2020/08/18 at 3:53 AM

In a rather shocking and sad development a 19 year old boy has stabbed a 19 year old lady after she rejected his proposal for love.

The young lady who was currently on her first at Wits University identified as Kwasa was stabbed 3 times by her boyfriend.

Posting on her twitter timeline Kwasa’s cousin announced the death in a heartfelt manner that left everyone else demanding justice for the young man.

Apparently reports have it that after being dumped the boyfriend said, ‘Im going to kill myself and kill you as well cause no one else can have you’.

Kwasa’s death has raised outrage across the country and its yet to grow wider as South African ladies do not feel safe in their own country anymore.

Gender based violence and killing of females has been on the rise in South Africa.

#JusticeforKwasa is now trending on Twitter.

Here is a catch-up as you can join in the demand for justice for the young lady .

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