Minister Dlamini Zuma sends out strong warning

indafrica August 18, 2020
Updated 2020/08/18 at 2:05 PM

Visiting of family and friends as well as hosting social events at residences will be allowed under level 2 as long as hygiene and health protocols were followed, starting on Tuesday.

Speaking at a media briefing on Monday, Cogta Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said social events at places of residence were now permitted .

This visits to friends and families so long there are not more than 10 visitors at a time and protocols of wearing a mask, sanitisation, washing of hands and safe social distance are observed,” Dlamini Zuma said.

The minister cautioned those who might want to visit the elderly who live with comorbidities not knowing they were positive and infect the older people.

“We know the older people are at risk. Their mortality rate is high. It is important when you visit your stick to the protocols.

“You still wear your mask, sanitise and keep your distance so that the visit does not lead to grief. It is very important,” Dlamini Zuma said.

She added that social gatherings such as weddings and funerals were permitted so long there were not more than 50 people gathered but also health protocols were observed.
However, night vigils are not permitted.

“It is our hope that in undertaking these activities that we will maintain the strict protocols of social distancing, wearing of masks, sanitisation and washing of hands.
“We must exercise more caution and be more vigilant than before. It is our actions that will determine our future,” Dlamini Zuma said.

Dlamini Zuma also said further opening the economy did not mean the risks were lower.

“All it means is that we try to balance livelihoods opening the economy but the risk of the virus is still there and the virus does not move. People move with the virus,” she said.

“The more people move around, the more chances the virus is taken from one person to the other. That is why it is important that we must ensure we keep to health protocol, (and) wear masks.

“If we don’t we will see the next wave of infections or maybe even a bigger surge which we would like South Africa to avoid.

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