The full story about the death of Kwasa

indafrica August 18, 2020
Updated 2020/08/18 at 5:57 AM

A 19 year old girl who died a painful death after her boyfriend stabbed her three times and later killed himself by drug overdose.

The young lady identified as Kwasa predicted her death. She narrated how abusive her relationship was before she died.

Some screenshots that have been circulating online indicate how she was forced into a relationship when she didn’t want to be in it anymore.

The young lady narrates that her relationship was very much abusive and when she wanted to break up with her boyfriend he threatened to kill himself then the family of the boy to her to stay in the relationship for her own safety.

After agreeing to stay in the relationship she said she was abused several times beaten and accused of cheating.

She says she had no choice but to stay because her boyfriend’s family knew how dangerous the guy can be if dumped.

His boyfriend would tell her that only death will separate them.

However she later decided to call it quits and that’s when she was stabbed to death. In a bid to escape justice the boyfriend took an overdose of pills and later died before facing the full muscle of the law.

Below are screenshots of the conversation as Kwasa narrates her plight.

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