All hope lost for South African women as GBV escalates

South Africa has fast become one of the most unsafe places for women and children as domestic violence and gender based violence increases daily.

They feel unsafe in their own country, not even the Government or police have shown any interest in eradicating this issue.

In a recent case of 19 year old girl named Kwasa she was stabbed 3 times by her ex boyfriend after dumping him.

Kwasa was forced by the boyfriend’s family to stay in the relationship because they faired he would do something drastic, which he later did after she dumped him.

Five female bodies were found dumped in bushes of Mthwalume KZN. More and more cases of the gender based violence and domestic violence have been reported but no signs of an end to it.

One lady who spoke to IndAfrica on condition she remains unknown said after she was raped the police treated her like a villain and the victim was given special treatment.

“The day the police tried to put my mother and I at the back of a van yo deliver papers to the violator. Again the day they told him his a lovey young man and told him to sit next to me instead of putting him in the back was the day I GAVE UP ON THE POLICE. WE ARE ON OUR OWN.” she said.

Thembi from Alexandra was forced to stay with her abusive husband after he was given community service as punishment for beating her up everytime he came home drunk.

The justice system seems to have turned its back on women as most cases of GBV have been swept under the carpet with violators walking in the streets freely.

Most women do not know where to run to when victimized by men as both family and government authorities always turn their backs on them.

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