Minnie Dlamini-Jones attacked for labeling Bantu knots ‘ghetto’

The media personality did not receive positive comments due to her caption, with some saying it was ‘problematic’.

Minnie Dlamini-Jones is in hot water after her post about a certain African hairstyle labelling it “ghetto”.

Bantu knots are a traditional African hairstyle, they can be done in small to large-sized coiled (twisted) buns secured against the side of the head.

They are usually done for protective styling or some women use it to grow their natural hair.

Sharing a picture of herself styling Bantu knots captioning it: “Just because it’s ghetto, doesn’t mean it’s not fabulous. Loving my #BantuKnots.”

Just because it’s ghetto, doesn’t mean it’s not fabulous ???? Loving my #BantuKnots
— Minnie Dlamini Jones (@MinnieDlamini) August 18, 2020

The caption did not sit well with many, tweeps thought the TV presenter was adding to the stigma that black hairstyles are not “neat” or “professional”. The star should have rather used her platform to help young girls and women to embrace their natural hair.

Minnie Dlamini out here sounding like an ignorant YT woman..
The stigma attached to natural Black hair and hairstyles is a very real problem for Black women, especially at work/schools.

Black hair/styles is seen as “dirty” “ungroomed”
Decolonise your mind Minnie. #BantuKnots
— A Black Woman ???????? ???????? (@SneKhumaloSA) August 19, 2020

To be quite honest, not only is this hairstyle powerful and represents our true nature and how beautiful we can be in different styles, it is also the only protective hairstyle that grows my hair! #MINNIE embrace your natural self boo!
— LAV_ProductionHouse (@VisagieGail) August 19, 2020

Imagine taking years to gain the confidence to wear natural hairstyles like bantu knots outside, just to come on here and see one of your faves calling it “ghetto”. Minnie , girl. That post was NOT IT
— Jade’ (@sharpwinendgame)
August 18, 2020

One tweep found no problem with the choice of words.

“Everyone having a problem with Minnie’s statement need to re-evaluate themselves. What is wrong with ghetto anyway? Is it an insult? Be ghetto fabulous wena Mrs Jones. Your analysis here has you finding wrong where no harm but praise was intended,” said Andile Mbili.

Others noticed the striking similarities the look Minnie was styling as that of DJ Zinhle or Boity.
My WCW goes to DJ Zinhle
@DJZinhle . Everyone looks beautiful as you these days. Ubafakela umlilo. African ladies are beautiful yhoooo.
#WednesdayThoughts Minnie Pearl
— The Real Afrika???????? (@TheRealMeaf) August 19, 2020

What’s cooking oil in this pics coz I see DJ Zinhle ,but again I see Boity but hape I see Minnie.. what’s going on????????
— Siziwe Booi???? (@booi_siziwe) August 19, 2020

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