South African youths convince parents to stop voting for ANC

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A young man, @Masta_tt, recently shared on Twitter how he has convinced his parents, loyal ANC members, to stop voting for the party
– The party’s objectives have been coming into question for many years now with South African citizens fed up with all the corruption

– The young man’s tweet quickly became popular with many other South African youths sharing how they too convinced their folks to stop voting ANC

South Africans have been up in arms about service delivery from the ANC for nearly the entire 26 years that they’ve been in power.

Most recently, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many ANC politicians allegedly saw and took the opportunity to siphon millions out of the country’s relief fund – money that was supposedly meant to help combat the Covid-19 crisis.

Despite the president’s promise to pinpoint and deal with the transgressors, consequence management is currently at an all-time low. There has been no accountability for any of the mismanagement of funds.

Its no wonder this young man decided to have a talk with his parents about their loyalty to the ANC in a tweet that read:

“Yesterday had an interesting debate with my parents about their loyalty to @MYANC, they swore not to vote for ANC again, everyone in the family, they told me that they are going to support my choice as I am a member of @HermanMashaba party and volunteering in Soweto. Good news.”

He shares how after an interesting debate with his parents, who were loyal ANC fans, he had finally convinced them to stop voting for the party. His tweet was received with agreement from many other South African youths, who also shared how they too were able to convince their parents to abandon their trust in the ANC government.

@Curtly_online shared:
“I am an unemployed graduate and both my parents are active members of the ANC. I had a discussion with them during the PPE scandal and I sobbed. Long story short we are not voting ANC and they are waiting for me to tell them which party I have faith in.”

While @Ma_Ndosi had this to say:
“My mum also has sworn not to vote for them for the first time since 1994. She’s not voting for anyone either, so that’s also not helpful in minimising ANC share of votes because ANC loyalists will still vote in their millions so abstaining gives ANC more share of the vote.”

Despite the desperation in many of SA’s unheard citizen’ voices, sadly it seems like there is no end in sight. This has been proven after Zandile Gumede, who was previously accused of corruption and has an ongoing R430m corruption case against her, has been instated as an honourable member of the KwaZulu-Natal legislature, reported recently. also previously reported that on 31 July, ANC supporters and comrades celebrated #ANCFriday on Twitter. Many loyal ANC supporters joined in on the celebrations by tweeting their support for the party.

Their celebrations were however met with frustration as fed-up South Africans came up with another hashtag to use for the ruling party.

South Africans listed every failure the ANC had since 1994, which included a deteriorating health care system, millions still living in shacks and the constant looting of public funds. Soon
#VoetsekANC trended on Twitter as Saffas expressed their frustrations with a ‘failing’ and ‘corrupt’ government.

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