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indafrica August 22, 2020
Updated 2020/08/22 at 11:27 PM

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has dismissed claims that he is resigning from his post.

“There are people, your own colleagues and comrades who peddle stories to Sunday papers. Tito this, Tito that. He is resigning etc etc! Va tamba! I am firmly here,” Tito Mboweni said.

There have been calls for Mboweni to resign in the wake of corruption in the awarding of PPE tenders and the way the RR500 billion relief package has been used.

The ruling party ANC has been accused of corruptly awarding themselves tenders in various local governments.

In other news, Mboweni did a question and answer session on Twitterr. Here are the hightlights:

Q: What happened to the R500 billion. Answer: The R500 billion announcement has many components. R200 billion is the National Credit Gurantee Scheme and the rest are about Social relief of Distress, UIF, etc. It has not been eaten! Look out for my statement on the NT website.

Q: between DPE and other departments, who deserves more budget? Answer: All of them based on affordability.

Q: When are you staring the State Bank? Answer is SOON. Dr David Masondo, deputy Minister of Finance is dealing with that.

Q: Do you have black shoes is the question. Answer is YES. I do.
Q1: who was your first date., Answer: Wankie Shingwenyana, 1967. Q2: when are you getting rid of the shoes? A: Never. Next one?

Last question: Do you smoke ganja?. Answer: No, I dont. But I tried in 1967, did not like it. Maybe I should try again. They grow nicely here at the Farm. I think Ntate Home grows them!

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