‘You make a living by Preying on vulnerable widows’ Mudiwa Blasts Tino Chinyani

Mudiwa has come out guns blazing at South African based model Tino Chinyani after he belittled Mudawa’s achievements to be ‘nonsensical hyped achievements.’

Mudiwa was quick to clap back at Chinyani that he didn’t even know who he was before he mocked him.

Chinyani impregnated South African actress Simphiwe Ngema who is a widow to Dumi Masilela. He is four years younger than her.

Mudiwa said Chinyani’s achievements are based on his spoilt child hood and that he now makes a living from posting his nude pictures posing as a model attracting desperate cougar women who have been widowed.

“I have worked hard to be where I am today, I own my and I bought everything in cash, something you don’t do,you only take properties on credit and spend your whole life paying the debts,” said Mudiwa.

The rapper said he will not let Chinyani belittle him or prevent him from celebrating his achievements.

“I may not be where I want to be today but im certainly not where I was yesterday, I will not let that be mocked by someone who preys on vulnerable widowed women,” he blasted.

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