400 Zimbabweans stuck at Lindela awaiting deportation from SA

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About 400 Zimbabweans are reportedly stranded at Lindela Repatriation Centre in South Africa after the Zimbabwean Embassy in South Africa is said to be refusing to assist to verify them so that they can be deported.

Lindela is a detention centre for undocumented migrants in South Africa.

Some of the detainees who spoke to this publication over the weekend said the Embassy isn’t verifying them for deportation because Zimbabwe was not ready to receive them citing issues relating to lack of quarantine and rehabilitation centres.

South Africa cannot deport them without Zimbabwe verifying that they are her citizens.

Another detainees who is a former prisoner said his group was granted amnesty but when they got to Lindela they were informed that Zimbabwe had requested a halt to deportation.

He has been stranded in the facility while other prisoners have returned to their countries or to their homes in South Africa.

The Zimbabwe Embassy was not available for comment at the time of writing.-Byo24

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