64 yr old maid narrates how white Boss’ son sexually harassed her in racist attack

indafrica August 24, 2020
Updated 2020/08/24 at 10:10 AM

GOGO Khabonina Mkhonza had to think on her feet while she was being attacked last week.

A tight grip on her attacker’s 4-5 (private parts) was her only option as she was br_tally attacked by her employer’s son, whom she took care of since he was five years old.

The 64-year-old gogo from Tsakane in Ekurhuleni said she was attacked by the 28-year-old, who was apparently unhappy with corruption allegations against politicians and government officials.

“I held him by his private parts. I got a chance to run away when he was powerless.

“I took the house keys as I ran out. I locked them inside because they were going to shoot me had they followed me.”

She said she looked for a private security car that patrolled the area and found one and was helped.

Gogo said what sparked the argument was when gogo told her attacker she’d get him the EFF and ANC’s contact details, so he could complain to them directly.

“He hit me. His father held my hands when I tried to defend myself and he continued to hit me.”

She said a few years ago the father said she wouldn’t get a bonus and should ask Zuma for it.

Gogo said her attacker’s brother called her to ask her to drop the charges as he’d just had a baby.
“My daughter sent him the photos of me injured and asked: “What about my mom?’ He did that knowing he had a child,” she said.

Gogo’s daughter, Poppy, (39) said she filled in for her mum at the start of lockdown, and her attacker often said he hated politicians.

The suspect was bust and will appear in the Springs Magistrates Court today.-Daily Sun

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