‘Teach your 7 yr old kids about homosexuality’ Lasizwe

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Self styled South African media personality and gay rights activist Lasizwe Dambisa has called for homosexuality and same sex relationships education of children as young as 7 years.

The gay man says he would appreciate it if children at grade 7 are taught about homosexuality and same sex relationships at a young age so they grow to embrace and accept it.

Posting on twitter he said, I believe we need to start educating kids from the ages of 7 about homosexuality and make them understand about same sex love.

This tweet has however caused controversy as many South Africans believe that its very wrong to teach kids about homosexuality as no parent would want their child to he gays or lesbians but if it happens they just have to accept it.

He has been bashed for this tweet but refuses to retaliate his statement as he stands firm with his opinion.

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