Fergusons accused for promoting Gender Based Violence

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Actress Rami Chuene, has once again come after her former employers, the Fergusons in a less than subtle dig.

Rami is known for her honesty when it comes to the industry and how she feel about things.

She has accused the Fergusons of being enablers to a scourge which has troubled South Africa, by hiring an actor known for inflicting Gender Based Violence on another person.

Taking to Twitter, Rami Chuene wrote

“Man (actor) beats up women, video goes viral, production fires man cos they are against GBV, the same production rewards same man on another show of theirs with a bigger role.”

Although she didn’t mention any names, it was clear that she was referring to actor Peter Mashigo.

Peter Mashigo was fired from The Throne, a Ferguson production after he physically assaulted his lover.

However he was hired again by the Fergusons, to play Thatho’s father on The Queen.

This is not the first time Rami Chuene has put the Fergusons on blast, for controversial executive decisions.

She was fired from The Queen where she played the character of Gracious Mabuza aka TGom.

This was after she sided with fellow actress Vatiswa Ndara, who accused the Fergusons of unfair treatment.

Rami Chuene has made it clear that she holds no personal grudge against the Fergusons and she would be open to work with the couple in the future should they listen more.

She revealed during an episode of Dinner with Somizi, saying

I would tell them to listen more. Being able to be a listener doesn’t take away from the kind of leader that you are. Also being creative does not mean you have to close off your human element

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