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Residents are clashing with the police in Eldorado Park in Johannesburg following the shooting of a 16 year old by police.

The residents are demanding justice for Nathaniel Julius who died yesterday in a hospital after being taken into custody by police .

Nathaniel Julius ‘ s sister narrated the incidents that led to the death of her brother.

Last night at 8:30am Nathaniel was at the shops and and afterwards he went to Hilbrow with his friends. They were just lying around with others when the police arrived and asked him what was going on.

He is disabled and could not easily speak up. The police officer knocked him down and he fell down.

They proceeded to bundle him into their van. Due to a deteriorating health condition, the police took him to the hospital and he died there. My family is broken because the police did not give him a chance to speak as he is disabled.

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Asked why many people turned up for the protest and to describe her brother Miss Julius said.

My brother was a nice person loved in the neighborhood. He always greeted others when he met them. The police officer who killed Nathaniel is Scorpion.

Another young man interviewed by Newzroom Africa said:
The police van knocked him and put him in the van and they took him away and it was not good. We saw a police officer hitting him and he fell to the ground.

Another woman described how the confrontation with the police began this morning:

We were at the police station this morning and a police pointed a gun at me and threatened to shoot me. Other people arrived and they started forcing us off the police station.

Watch the video below:

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