Zimbabweans boycott ‘bloody’ Impala Car Rental as car is used in abduction

indafrica August 30, 2020
Updated 2020/08/30 at 6:04 AM

Zimbabweans have vowed to boycott ‘bloody’ Impala car rental cars as one of their cars was allegedly used to abduct and torture a civilian on 30 July.

According to Zimlive, a car with a registration number AES 2433 was used to abduct 22 year old political activist Tawanda Muchehiwa in Bulawayo. The car was hired out from Impala car rental.

The company has released statement:

Following a social media video clip which implicates one of our rental vehicles (Registration No. AES 2433) in an alleged abduction for Tawanda Muchehiwa in Bulawayo, Impala Car Rental would like to advise all our valued stakeholders that we are really concerned with this matter.

As a service provider we are limited in controlling where and how our vehicles will be used because clients are not obliged to disclose their vehicle hiring purposes.

It is very possible that some clients may use our vehicles for criminal activities without our knowledge & it is not our intention to cover up for such criminals.

As Impala Car Rental we stand obligated to cooperate with any investigations by the Law Enforcement Agents into this matter so that Tawanda Muchehiwa gets justice .

We would like to assure all our stakeholders that Impala Car Rental remain committed to providing the best service possible at all times!
Thompson Dondo Chief Executive Officer

Here are some of the comments by frustrated Zimbabweans:

Imagine hiring a car yakamboponderwa munhu… Nxaaa!”

The other thing is maybe Impala Car Rental as a company is owned by the principal abductors. If that’s the case then we are in for a treat.”

Inini I have made it my mission zvangu I will go on TRIP ADVISOR and write a long review stating why people should not use this company. I will BANG THAT DRUM on ALL social media. These guys are funding our oppression”

“I believe your cars have a tracker. May you kindly give us the route of that ranger which was used by CIOs it travelled from Harare to Bulawayo…. and the stops and where it was during the 3 days of Tawanda’s torture”

“Do not hire cars from this company. They use their vehicles to abduct and torture civilians who speak out against the government”

“There is high risk to be implicated or wrongly identified as Ferret if lm seen driving any of your cars used for abductions.”

“Basically all Impala cars are suspect…dangerous and deadly”

I plan to stay away as much as possible from rented cars complicit in the abduction and torture of fellow citizens. Businesses must have intergrity and protect the common good.”

“I hear you guys hire out cars to abduct ppl. So how is business these days? Seems the abduction business is booming. So,tell me, do u guys wash the blood of abduction victims or u just cover with new seat covers? How do u do it?”

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