LATEST: Rakgadi reveals his brother was killed by cheating wife

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Family drama unfolded at the funeral of tombstone entrepreneur Lebogang Khitsane at the weekend leaving many in SA feeling triggered.

Khitsane died of renal failure last week.

He was well-known for creating elaborate tombstones for prominent personalities in SA including Mandoza, singer and producer Robbie Malinga, and actor Joe Mafela.

He has been hailed as a “game-changer” in the tombstone industry.

Video footage from his memorial service on Sunday went viral after claims made by his sister were filmed.

Khitsane’s sister reveled that his brother’s wife brought in a man in the house.

For someone to reveal such dirty secrets at a memorial suggests that the cheating incidents are possible cause of the death as some people do jot take well with being cheated on.

The footage saw #Khitsane and news channel #eNCA top the trends list.

South Africans had mixed reactions to the drama. Some applauded the alleged honesty of his sister, while other said it was misogynistic and disrespectful.

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