EXCLUSIVE: Rakgadi’s brother was killed by heart attack from cheating wife

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Shocking developments to the story of tombstone maker Lebogang Khitsane is that his death was actually caused by a heart attack caused by his wife’s extra marital affairs

Reports reaching IndAfrica is that Lebo suffered a heart attack and was admitted in ICU four weeks prio to his death.

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Below is the narration of what happened to Lebo as far as IndAfrica has gathered .

Lebo has a renal condition. The earlier this year he had a heart surgery. He was then infected with covid-19 and spent 5 weeks in hospital.

His health condition improved and he returned home then back to work.

When the neighborhood security guards saw him they told him of a story of a man who was visiting his wife at night the departing in the morning everyday.

Lebo went home and confronted his wife (Mrs M). The couple had a tense fight. The fight led to Lebo having a serious heart attack which lended him in ICU once again.

Lebo told his family and friends the story and what had really happened to him.

Lebo’s family never liked Mrs M as she was seen as a b**tch.

On Sunday during a Memorial service of Lebo, his sister who has been identified as Rakgadi openly embarrassed Mrs M telling everyone present at the funeral about her secret movements.

This has caused so much tension in the family as Lebo’s family was barred from attending his funeral and were denied entry at the cemetery.

Source IndAfrica.

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