Chin’ono says he has more information

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono who has been released from prison on a $10 000 bail after he was detained for more than 40 days on charges of inciting public violence has said he won’t stop speaking out.

Addressing the media Chin’ono said his twitter account has been taken and he has lost total control of it but he still has his Facebook account which he will use to speak out on injustices and corruption in the country.

He said his imprisonment has equipped him with more information which validates his argument that public funds, meant for hospitals and prisons are being looted.

“They have removed me from Twitter,but not from Facebook.I’ll continue writing on Facebook.”

Chin’ono was arrested together with Jacob Ngarivhume on 20 July ahead of the ‘flooped’ 31 July anti corruption protest.

The two were charged with inciting public violence threatening the peace of the country and trying to overthrow an ‘elected’ government.

Most Zimbabweans are of the view that Chin’ono was arrested for exposing corruption in the government and exposing the former Minister of Health Obadiah Moyo for looting Covid19 funds.

However its not so with the state which laid different charges against him.

They were denied bail three times and only yesterday did they test freedom out of the tall walls of Chikubi maximum prison.

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