Mokonyane stands her ground on BOSASA issue

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JOHANNESBURG – Former minister Nomvula Mokonyane has admitted to the state capture commission that her 40th birthday party and not her 50th birthday was held at the Victoria Hotel but she denied any knowledge that Bosasa had paid for the lavish party.

It is former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi and guesthouse owner Hendrik Coetzee who said that the party was held there and was paid for by Bosasa, with Agrizzi present.

She said that in her first appearance she had forgotten about the 40th birthday because she was preoccupied with the 50th party that the allegations were made about.

She said that her 40th birthday was supposed to be a small dinner but when she arrived, she realised that a surprise party had been organised for her but she did not know who had organised the catering.

“I can’t attest how it ended up being a party because there was a plan to celebrate by going out to dinner, with a few people joining us for dinner and then we’d be coming back home. And it turned out to be the opposite because then there were more people and it was as I said… I came in and everyone said: ‘Surprise.'”

Mokonyane said that she was the birthday girl sitting at her table and didn’t know the details of who the suppliers were.

She has previously denied Agrizzi’s claims that Bosasa sent her groceries and paid for her family funerals and instead she accused Agrizzi of targeting her because she was a woman.

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