Another teenage girl killed by her lover… The full story

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‘Im not sure if I should be scared of raising a boy child who will turn into a killer or a girl child who will be killed,” the sad dilemma of a young South African mother.

Gender based violence has arguably killed more women in South Africa than car accidents and even more than the coronavirus itself.

Sadly Gender Based Violence doesn’t respect the boundaries of staying home or social distance. This is the story of yet another young high school girl who has been killed in cold blood by her lover.

Kagiso from a community in Mokopane was found lying helpless without any signs of life after her boyfriend stabbed her and left her in the pool of Blood.

The young lady had just called it quits with the young man who did not take it lightly. The two had a heated argument which led them into a fight.

Kagiso was overpowered, then strangled with an electric cable and was later stabbed as a way to ensure no life was left in her.

Community members of Mokopane have taken to streets in protest against gender based violence and domestic violence.

They have called on the Government to work against such atrocities.

President Cyril Ramaphosa promised to come up with new strategies of dealing with Gender Based Violence.

Its obvious he is delaying to implement these as more and more women get killed daily .

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