Clicks in racism storm

indafrica September 4, 2020
Updated 2020/09/04 at 1:03 PM

South Africa’s leading pharmaceutical company Clicks has has found itself entangled in a racism storm.

Clicks has caused outrage with its advertorial which depicts black hair as damaged and dry.

They posted on their website comparing a black girl’s hair with that of a white girl.

The black girl’s hair was said to be dry and damaged while the White girl’s hair was ‘fine and flat hair’.

In the second advert the black girl’s hair was labeled ‘Frizzy and dull hair’ while the white girl’s hair was ‘Normal hair’.

This has caused outrage in South Africa as most South African twitter users have begun calling for the fall of the company and boycotting all its products.

Below are the two pictures gathered by IndAfrica.

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