Clicks is not sorry see deleted offensive apology tweet

indafrica September 4, 2020
Updated 2020/09/04 at 4:42 PM

After an offensive advertorial clicks goes on to call black people the ‘natural hair community’.

Clicks has offered an apology for their ‘Ignorant’ advert which depicts black hair as ‘dull, dry, damaged, and Frizzy’ while comparing it to white people’s hair which is depicted to be ‘Natural, Fine and Flat’.

In their apology Clicks continued to offend people of color which did not sit well with many people.

Clicks was quick to delete the apology after getting more backlash. However the screenshot gang had already captured it .

They said, ‘We are deeply sorry we have offended our NATURAL HAIR COMMUNITY. We have removed the images which are against everything we believe in at clicks. We condone racism and we are strong advocates of natural hair. We will put in place stricter measures on our website,’

The deleted apology is a clear indication that Clicks has no intentions to correct its wrongs.

After all no ad campaign goes to the public without brainstorming, and intense planning. Most of all it would never go out without being approved. Clearly this was an intentional stunt by clicks for reasons best known by the company.

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