Ramaphosa gets shock of his life

indafrica September 5, 2020
Updated 2020/09/05 at 10:55 AM

President Cyril Ramaphosa has expressed his shock and embarrassment that the promises he made to the mother of a girl who was raped and murdered earlier this year have not been fulfilled seven months later.

Eight-year-old Tazne van Wyk’s brutal rape and murder in Worcester in the Western Cape drew widespread condemnation and forced Ramaphosa and a delegation of his executive to visit her family and made several still unfulfilled promises.

Tazne’s mother Zelda van Wyk on Friday night told the ANC’s men’s dialogue webinar organised by the ANC in the Western Cape of the pain and suffering her family had experienced since Ramaphosa made his promises.

She complained that she had not heard from the government officials as promised by Ramaphosa and that the court case was not proceeding smoothly.

Van Wyk said her family and Tazne’s father were the ones being treated as if they were criminals and that police officers were very disrespectful.

Ramaphosa said he was shocked to be informed that the family had been built a Wendy house after promising that his administration would improve the family’s living conditions during his visit.

”And Ms Van Wyk I’m delighted that you are here tonight. Just in this week, I dealt with the matter that you have raised. I want to apologise to you that since I last visited your home and came to pay condolences and come to soothe your pain, your acute pain, which I am sure continues till now.

Yes, we looked at the circumstances of your living and I made certain pronouncements,” Ramaphosa said.
The president continued: “I am very sorry and embarrassed that has not happened. This very week I was asked, somebody came to ask and say did we say we are going to build a Wendy house for the Van Wyk family, I said there’s just no way that I could ever have said that we are going to build a Wendy house”.

Ramaphosa said he was shocked and taken aback that progress on fulfilling his promises to the family amounted to building a Wendy house.

A pre-trial hearing for Tazne’s alleged rapist and killer Moehydien Pangaker is scheduled for January 2021 and the 54-year-old faces several counts of rape, murder, sexual assault, kidnapping and violating/desecrating a corpse.

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