Zim increase fuel prices increased… New Prices paged in USD

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Motorists in Zimbabwe are set to feel the pinch of hardship this weekend as fuel prices have been adjusted upwards.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has announced that fuel prices are going up this weekend.

The announcement which came through their official communication channels has two prices which are paged in both local and foreign currency.

Diesel will go for ZW$86.36 in USD its paged at $1.04 while Blend goes for ZW$ 97.93 and $ 1.18 in United States Dollars.

This is an unusual move by a government institutions.

The government of Zimbabwe has made it solid clear that the country will not go back to using the US Dollar neither will it go back to the multi currency system.

Hence this leaves a lot to wonder on what’s really happening if government institutions begin charging in US Dollars when the government is saying otherwise.

Source IndAfrica

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