Black Coffee banned Enhle Mbali from kissing during acting

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Actress Enhle Mbali who recently divorced musician Black Coffee has revealed she was banned from being involved in romantic scenes during acting that involve kissing whilst they were still married by her ex husband.

The revelations were made by a letter written to the High Court by Enhle Mbali demanding R500 000 per year for holidays from Black Coffee.

In the submission, the actress accused Black Coffee of causing her to lose income as he banned her from kissing other actors during production.

Black Coffee responded nullifying his ex wife as he stated the marriage was out of community of property and believes Mbali has no right to demand certain benefits as they do not have a joint estate.

The DJ further went on to allege Mbali earned R700 , 000 in the last six months and has enough money to take care of herself.

Mbali previously demanded Black Coffee pays her legal fees to thee tune of R4 million to allow her to stand on equal footing during the legal battle.

The two are reported to have a prenup agreement which limits the total amount which Enhle Mbali can claim from Black Coffee to R4 Million.

Enhle Mbali responded to the claim accusing Black Coffee of tricking her into signing the prenup agreement and demands that the established DJ to cough up R100 , 000 per month for her general expenses, iHarare reports
She further demanded R17,000 per month for her beauty and medical care and R30,000 she used to receive from her ex husband during their happier times.

Sunday Sun reported Black Coffee earns and estimated R100 million per month but he shot down the claim indicating that his income fluctuates and has been severely affected by Covid-19 pandemic and added that he was recently pernalised by SARS to the tune of R40 million in unpaid taxes and penalties of which he has paid R8 million.

Black Coffee is also believed to own several properties around the world which are worth millions of rands.

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