KFC in trouble over bad Tsonga Joke

indafrica September 7, 2020
Updated 2020/09/07 at 9:37 AM

KFC South Africa in trouble over Tsonga dresses joke
KFC South Africa has brewed a storm after posting a picture of Tsonga people with a caption, ‘When you can’t decide on a colour so you wear all of them . ”

Look at the picture below:
The Tsonga tribe is known to be fond of their colourful dresses which is a valuable piece of their culture.

KFC has since deleted the Tweet but Mzansi kept a copy of it and Tsonga people are not impressed by the fast foods company.
Tsakani Tweeted , ”

So it is supposed to be a joke because it suits you well learn to say wen something doesn’t sit well with you just because you all find it as a joke that doesn’t mean its funny to everyone it’s not about being sensitive its about being realistic.

One Lacoy Evans did not notice a problem with KFC’s joke
#KFCmustfall I don’t see anything wrong with this post to be honest. They couldn’t decide on a colour to wear and that’s what makes their culture unique.

Khensy, from the Tsonga tribe had this to say,
I’m Tsonga,and I don’t find that *joke* offensive. Sometimes you all need to relax.

Another Tweep named Keith from the Zulu tribe found the joke offensive and would be offended iff anyone mentions Zulu’s preference of animal skins to cloth.

As a Zulu person I’d be offended if someone says you couldn’t find clothes so you use animals’ skin. But they have a right to free speech so long they recognize it doesn’t come free of consequences.

One Tumelo Warona says she feels non Tsonga people do not know what it means:

I see lots of people who are not Tsonga commenting on this #KFCmustfall hashtag that there is nothing offensive about the KFC tweet. If it doesn’t offend you STFUP!!!

You all are the reason why these white companies continue to undermine us. We love our Tsonga dresses and KFC must not joke about it.

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