Mnangagwa’s Spokesperson attacks SABC Journalist calls her ‘Menstruating idiot’

indafrica September 7, 2020
Updated 2020/09/07 at 5:45 AM

Zimbabwe Presidential spokesperson and Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet George Charamba attacked SABC‘ s foreign editor Sophie Mokoena in a series of insulting Tweets.

So insensitive are the Tweets that some users tried to intervene and warn Charamba about his comments about women.

In one of his Tweets, Charamba referred to Sophie Mokoena as a menstruating idiot.

Ndikapindura dinga iri rinoenda kumwedzi masikati machena. Ini zvangu tonhoo semunhu akabva kune vanhu!

Translated from Shona to English:
If i respond to this idiot she will menstruate, let me remain silent as a well groomed someone.”

Mokoena was commenting about the interview done by former President Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao with news channel Newzroom Africa.

Zhuwao was commenting on the use of ghost accounts by high ranking officials in Zimbabwe for the purpose of pushing propaganda and attacking political opponents.

Mokeona was attacked after she commented on the broadcast, stressing that government officials will be given the right to respond.

No comment. But work will be done. Cameras will keep rolling. All will be given right to reply, Mokoena said.

Zhuwao gave insights to the sustained use of ghost social media accounts by government officials including George Charamba under the name Jamwanda
We have journalists that are living in fear.

We have the Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet (George Charamba) going out of their way to abuse one of South Africa’s leading journalist in South Africa Sophie Mokoena.

Yes she comes from the SABC, but for the past two days George Charamba has been abusing Sophie.

Charmaba abuses her on a public platform to warn other journalists in Zimbabwe, that if this is what we can do to Sophie Mokoena, the SABC editor for Africa, we are going to do worse for you and your relatives more than what Tawanda Muchehiwa (journalist relative) experienced,” Zhuwao said
Charamba, a former spokesperson of President Mugabe , kept his post as the presidential spokesperson by President ED Mnangagwa after the 2017 coup.

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