Thuli Madonsela supports Clicks over racist Ad

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JOHANNESBURG – Former public protector, Professor Thuli Madonsela, says the Clicks Black Hair advert matter is a textbook case of unconscious bias.

She says calling it out is great but anarchy and violence undermine the cause.

Madonsela says it is imperative for people to examine their own perceptions about life.

“We call it unconscious bias when a person shoots themselves in the foot because you and me Sally, should agree that Clicks is a trading company, it was not its intention to offend black people or black women. Its intention was the opposite, to attract them to Clicks to buy.

The reason it has offended us is because unconsciously it has assumed that what is abnormal is normal,” said Madonsela.

Last week, the retailer posted an advert that classified black women’s hair as dry and damaged while white women’s hair was labelled as normal and fine.

In response to the advert, the
EFF staged nationwide protests against Clicks .

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