WATCH: Dj Sbu confirming he is Mzekezeke

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So yaah very controversial and interesting issue right here.

Entrepreneur and media Personality DJ Sbu has always rubbished Rumours that he is the man behind the Mzekezeke mask.

As a way of solidifying his claims he went his way to interview Mzekezeke on his radio station and even announced he was working on a project with him.

Only he knows who was really behind the black mask acting up as Mzekezeke.

Fresh developments to the story in a video today Dj Sbu kinda went back on his word.

He was introducing his new Mofaya Soft drink . He playfully named one of his drinks Mzekezeke which probably is a confirmation to the rumours that he and Mzekezeke are one.

He name his cola drink Mnyamande and went on to the orange one and said it’s Mzekezeke because it’s orange and has a black lid. Which represents Mzekezeke’s orange overall and the black lid his black masks.

Sounds far-fetched right? But the real question is, Why would he name his orange juice Mzekezeke if he isn’t one?

WATCH Video Below

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