Watch Video: Police shoot man trapped in crashed truck

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Shocking footage of a man trapped in a truck has surfaced with police pointing the blame at the man who allegedly exhibited violent behaviour on the day in question.

The footage shows an officer walking towards the truck moments before a gunshot is fired. The trapped man can be heard speaking in Sesotho daring the officer to end his life.

“Shoot me in the head,” the wounded man tells the officer.

Second footage shows the man in the truck crashing into other vehicles on the premises. Preliminary reports suggest the man may have been enraged by a work-related matter.

This is yet to be confirmed from the Polokwane Municipality.

Police in both videos can be seen opening fire at the man who apparently damaged municipal vehicles.

WARNING: Footage could be upsetting for some viewers.

The Citizen spoke to Limpopo police Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo who said he would provide more details into the footage.

More details to follow…

-The Citizen

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