This is what ANC and Zanu PF discussed

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1. Reinvigoration of the ties between ANC and ZANU PF and strengthening of integration programmes

2. Crime and corruption must be confronted head on by both Parties.

3. There will be increased consolidation gains of the liberation struggle

4. There has been a consensus between the two Parties to work together on addressing the challenge of fake news

5. New values of openness and honesty have been emphasised

6. Sanctions and embargoes are one of the biggest problems for Zimbabwe.

7. Aspirations of the people are at the centre of our priorities

8. The two Parties have Agreed to empower their citizens on both sides of the border.

9. There has been an agreement by both Parties to meet regularly.

10. The two Parties have resolved to cooperate on issues of common interest.

Source – ZANU PF

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