Black Coffee laughs off Enhle Mbali ‘Disabled hand joke’

indafrica October 7, 2020
Updated 2020/10/07 at 9:35 AM

All hell broke loose over the weekend after DJ Black Coffee’s ex-wife, Enhle Mbali shared a joke about her new man only for Tweeps to misinterpret it as a swipe against the international Dj’s disability.

Black Coffee’s name landed on this weekend’s trends list after his ex-wife Enhle Mbali shared a video on her Instagram stories where she posed with a prosthetic hand while on set for an upcoming show, Blood Psalms.

In the Stories Enhle jokingly told fans that she was chilling with her “new man” before revealing that the hand was a prosthetic made by the show’s make-up department.

While Enhle believed she meant no harm with her post, she was left fuming over insensitive hand jokes that were levelled against her ex.

After having to call her social media followers to order for their “stupid, disgusting and embarrassing” behaviour, it looks like the international DJ wasn’t really fazed by what people had to say about his hand which he injured years ago.

Taking to Twitter, the Superman hitmaker shared a snap of what his weekend looked like. Though he didn’t explain much in the caption, the picture clearly shows how he and Euphonik were having a great chuckle at all the haters.

This is not the first time Black Coffee has had to deal with haters. In August, he left a hater feeling weak with a stinging clapback, after the troll offered to “wash him up”.

This is after a tweep decided to be smart by offering to give the DJ a scrub. He posted a picture of a man who looks like the star and a bathing scrub.

Though many thought the meme was hilarious, the renowned DJ was not here for jokes as he clapped back hard, telling the tweep the only thing needing cleaning was his heart.

“Yeka Mina, wash yourself, start with your heart,” he said in response to the post.

The tweep urged Black Coffee not to get “emotional” but the star was not having any of it.– Heraldlive

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