Boity Reveals Why She Never Finished University

indafrica October 10, 2020
Updated 2020/10/10 at 6:36 PM

Media personality Boity Thulo wanted to be a Criminal Psychologist or Serial Killer Profiler. She did not see herself in the entertainment industry.

Boity took to social media to reveal her childhood aspirations. She let people know she wanted to be either a Criminal Psychologist or Serial Killer Profiler. Boity mus have been inspired by CSI or some detective series that was out at the time.

Boity reveals why she never finished university

When the time came for Boity to pursue her aspirations, her mother was not in a financial position to enable her to make her career goal a reality. Boity said she had to reassess her options.

Boity said she started off attending Monash but a module, Statistic Psychology had here feeling demoralised.

Oh, yes. Statistical Psychology demoralized me in University. I felt like such a loser with that subject. Yeses!!!!!
— #OwnYourThrone? (@Boity) October 5, 2020

The fact that I had to pass Science Higher Grace for University entrance used to give me sleepless nights. That 56% was by the grace of God. ?????
— #OwnYourThrone? (@Boity) October 5, 2020

Despite her battling to pass some modules, Boity said she was ready to push through had her mother managed to pay for her fees but the Almighty had other plans.

If my mom hadn’t run out of money for my University fees, I would have been a Criminal Psychologist/Serial killer Profiler by now. 路♀️? But God had other plans for me. ?
— #OwnYourThrone? (@Boity) October 5, 2020

We can all agree that things did turn out well for Boity even if she did not become a Criminal Psychologist or Serial Killer Profiler.

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