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5 things worst happening in Africa today… You will be shocked

Africa is the youngest continent on Earth but worn out like a grandpa.

The ancestors of this continent must be turning in their graves seeing all the blood being shed by leaders on unarmed civilians.

1) #CongoIsBleeding The diamond rich Country has been stripped off all its dignity as citizens suffer the most.

Poverty has been the order of the day with child labor normalized. 40 000 children under the age of 12 have been reported to be working in mines trying to feed their families.

2) #IAmNext: South Africa has for long suffering from Gender based violence .

Human trafficking has also become the order of the day with government officials dismissing these reports as hyped up by social media.

3) #EndSARS: Nigerian youths have taken to the streets to protest against police brutality in the country.

These Protests have however, taken a nasty turn as Government has instructed the police to kill.

Last night dozens of Protestors where killed at tollgate im Lekki.

Young Protester dies holding his country’s flag

Some citizens have reported that 12 hours later gun shots have not stopped, more shootings continue.

The Government has not said anything about it.

4) #ZimbabweanLivesMatter: Nearly 3 months into this trend . The Zimbabwean government has maintained its notion that there is no Crisis in the country.

parallel to Government’s reports citizens and independent Journalists have reported that they is high levels of Corruption in the country and have reported with evidence incidents of abduction of opposition members and other Journalists.

5) #AfricaUnite: Influencial figures have called on Africans to unite against these oppressive regimes.

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