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WATCH: Snake makes ridiculous demands to owner in Public

While we have come across the weird and supernatural in movies, rarely do we get a chance to witness or view real-time footage of the so-called third dimension beings, where by snakes make requests.

Some may argue that society has lost its norms and values, as almost anything is possible today and the shortcuts to riches are plenty.

Supernatural entities are no longer as feared as they used to be a decade ago, as they have become a way of life for a number of people.

A rise in ritual killings has also been occurring over the past years due to the growing belief in good fortunes from the occult world.

Instant money has been the growing reason people visiting Sangomas and getting directives on how to make money, but some of the requests rendered have in return given them a series of sleepless nights and a lifetime of regret.

For those who choose to take the get rich quick path, it remains unfortunate that the ill source of their wealth never remains a hidden secret and, most of the time the revelation is made in public leaving many people in shock at what the world has turned into.

Of late a South African man struggled to set down his snake in the boot of his car.

The snake wanted a seat right next to its owner in the front seat.Bywatchers were left stunned as the sinister drama took place in a public setting.

While others in the same breathe without fear, recorded videos that later on went viral on social media.

The snake wanted the best comfort the owner could provide, even after being offered a cloth to be spread at the boot it still insisted on getting a front seat.

Watch A Video Of A Snake That Makes A Request To Seat With Owner In The Front

See Video

These nice cars and houses never come easy, even with instant money it’s a matter of time before you sweat in shame or experience sleepless nights.

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